Quality vacuum forming processes

Many industries such as the medical, motor racing and aeronautical sectors require products and components of a first class quality standard. Other industries such as the film and retail sectors require highly bespoke items, which often need very creative and specialist design and production.

ISO registered

Thanks to a combination of our vacuum forming expertise, ISO 9001:2015 registration and the latest industry-leading machinery, Interform Manufacturing is known for consistently high quality vacuum forming to produce products and components for any sector.

Our ISO registration not only reflects our culture, it also means that all projects at Interform Manufacturing are barcoded and traceable. This allows us to follow your product through our production process and inspect all items before they are dispatched.

High service standards

This approach is a reflection of our passion and commitment to delivering high quality vacuum forming services to all our customers. At every stage, it is important to us that we are producing a high standard product, so we take every care to ensure that designs have been optimised not only to fulfil the brief but also to eliminate any difficulties in the moulding process.  For example, we create prototypes using exactly the same method that will be used for the final product. This means we can check whether the final concept has been achieved and also to highlight whether the end-product is production ready.

We also continually invest in our vacuum forming process, ensuring that we are always using the best technology and equipment to guarantee that along with our accomplished team, that we are providing the best service.