Interform plastic fabrication assembly

3D moulded plastic shapes in small to medium production runs

If you need to make something in 3D plastic, Interform Manufacturing will know if and how it can be done using vacuum forming and plastic fabrication.

The vacuum forming process of heating and moulding flat plastic into a three dimensional shape is well suited to medium volume production runs of between about 100 and 100,000 units.

What’s more, we can also accommodate smaller or larger runs, and single bespoke items, so please get in contact to talk about your plastic fabrication project.

Our machinery & equipment

At Interform Manufacturing, we have an extensive range of specialist machinery. This enables us to create vacuum formed 3D shapes from virtually any material thickness and size.

Our in-house CNC machines ensure repeatable accurate routing and drilling to guarantee the highest quality finish every time.

Product assembly with Interform Fabrication

We can also fabricate some items without thermoplastic vacuum forming. For example, we can make 3D objects by simply folding and assembling one or more pieces of flat plastic sheet.

This assembly process is ideally suited smaller runs of between 10 and 1,000 units. As it generally involves cutting, routing, drilling and assembly, the tooling requirements are minimal.

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