F1 Racing gets Results

The Client

F1 motor racing is a highly competitive and big business. It’s also a sport that relies on constant innovation and the ability to adapt to the latest technology.

The Project

One F1 team wanted to develop a new mount for their driver monitoring equipment and asked Interform Manufacturing to help.

The monitors were to be fixed on top of the car and allow the drivers to watch in the qualification sessions whilst waiting to take their lap. They would show track footage as well as provide statistics on speed and times for all drivers. During the race, the monitors would be hung from the top of the garage doors, allowing the mechanics and crew to watch the race.

The monitors needed to be very robust, simple and stylish in design. Starting with the initial concept designs from the client, Interform was able to adapt its innovative MarinePod concept. This offered the perfect solution to meet the brief, as well as forming the necessary secure seal between the two halves of plastic.

The Result

The motor racing pods allow the F1 team’s drivers and pit crew to:

  • monitor the driver’s track performance
  • help judge when to exit the pits
  • monitor competitors’ performance on the track
  • detach them and use them in the pit lane, when not on the track