Thirsty Work

The Client

Founded in 1982, Atom Ltd prides itself on providing creative solutions in the form of industrial models, prototypes and mock-ups for leading blue chip companies, inventors and creative consultants.

Using a range of traditional and the latest rapid prototyping techniques, Atom specialises in developing creative solutions for exhibitions and displays, awards and trophies, innovative and structural packaging, concept development and batch production.  Their work includes product packaging for fruit juice drinks, impressive drinks storage units and high end cosmetic containers, as well as striking outdoor display units.

The Project

As part of a special promotion, a well known drinks manufacturer wanted to create an initial production batch of 2,000 clear plastic containers in the shape of their iconic logo, before going to full scale production using injection moulding.

This was proving quite a challenge to do using traditional injection moulding methods, due to a short time frame, so they called upon Atom for expert input.  Given the unique shape of the moulding, Atom quickly realised this was best created by vacuum forming. Having run some samples themselves, they then contacted the Interform Manufacturing team to see how the mouldings could be manufactured in volume.

Interform Manufacturing and Atom worked together to optimise the material. They did this by maximising the number of impressions in the tooling while maintaining the clarity and thickness of the mouldings at the same time, to ensure they met the high quality standard required.

Through the pre-production work, the team established that a five impression tool with plug assist, combined with increasing the material thickness to 3mm, produced the best results. This was then taken into production.

The Result

The drinks manufacturer had their first initial production batch run of PETG plastic containers within two months.

Atom were delighted with Interform Manufacturing’s ability to conquer the many challenges faced when trying to create moulds for these unique containers.

“We continually seek Interform Manufacturing for their expertise in specialist plastics. Not only do they have essential equipment for larger runs but they also have the ability to develop and dispel issues in the creation process”.

Neville Mines, Director, Atom Ltd