A winning combination in F1

When it comes to the motor racing industry, Interform Manufacturing has been involved in Formula 1 for several years. That’s because vacuum formed solutions are robust, high quality and lightweight.

Although we can’t name names, we can tell you that our handiwork has been used for windscreens, to store racks of headsets and to secure essential electronic equipment to the dashboard in some of the leading racing cars.

Using designs based on our own MarinePod concept, our bespoke motor racing pods allows F1 drivers or pit crew to:

  • monitor the driver’s performance on the track
  • help judge when to exit the pits
  • monitor competitors’ performance on the track

When not in use by the driver, the pods can be detached and used in the pit lane too.

Quality performance on and off the track

Our ISO registration means you can rest assured that our state-of-the-art solutions will be high quality, to match the standards associated with F1 and other performance sports.

With our extensive range of equipment, we can deliver a variety of plastic products, whether they need to be light-weight, sturdy or meet any other particular requirement.

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